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a big step with lamda brake pads

Zhejiang Lamda brake pads Co., ltd is a fast developing company. Our main product is brake pads. We have more than 150 workers, and the capacity is 2 million sets one year.

The quality is the core in the manufacturer. We offer the product:
1) stable friction coefficient.
2)try to solve the NVH(noise,vibration and harshness) problem.

our goal is to provide brake pads to safe, assured braking, drivers here place great value on smooth, quiet and durable stopping performance.

commercial catelogue
cross refrence

R&D: We develop the lab and invite the selected, high-performance engineering professionals to joint our team. We continually looks for opportunities to increase our NVH expertise and further strengthen customer satisfaction.

Quality control system:We have a strict quality control system, from the raw material, making process and packing. We run ISO9001 system. our target is zero defect.

Sale policy: Win-win policy is the philosophy of lamda. We try to offer the products in high quality with the comparative price, support the customer to cover the market.

1) we promise on time delivery. We develop the new system of product department,, and we can be successful to do it even with the order which is small quantity.
2)High performance product. We offer the products which meet the need of the customers, not bother the customers with the defect one.
3)complaint. Our target is zero defect. But when the problem comes out, first we will ask the customers send us the defect sample and we will orgnize the engineer to study it and find the solution. About the defect products, we will share the resposibility in a satisfied way.

Our goal is to offer the customers the brake pads that exceed their expections and they can benefit from our cooperation.
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